Deft means "showing cleverness and skill in handling things." What you want to see in football or basketball is some deft handling of the ball. Some people are physically deft, like accomplished athletes, motorsport professionals, and martial arts masters. Their movements are fast, graceful, and deliberate. Others might be mentally or intellectually deft. You could describe a beautifully written essay as deft, or talk about a politician's deft work on an anti-bullying bill. The source of deft is the Old English gedæfte, "mild or gentle," which became deft in Middle English along with its meaning of "apt, skillful, or adept."

Deft Family represents a united family of athletes, artists and creative individuals inspired by the underground lifestyle. Founded by a core crew of friends influenced by music, arts, culture, sport, faith and fashion.

We provide the essentials for a modern day movement through a vision of a free flowing culture. Formed by motivation and a necessity for change through passionate minds while remaining ahead of mainstream, common and popular beliefs. #Deftfam is not just a brand it’s a lifestyle... We Are Deft!
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Unless otherwise authorized in advance by DEFT, LLC, and such authorization may be given in DEFT, LLC sole discretion, only Merchandise that is defective is subject to a valid warranty claim and may be returned. In the absence of a valid warranty claim, DEFT, LLC will consider authorization of the return of Merchandise only if the request is made within ten (10) days after the date of delivery to you of the Merchandise.

**You may not return any Merchandise after it has been decorated, modified with embroidery, or otherwise altered.

Before returning any Merchandise to DEFT, LLC, you must obtain prior authorization from DEFT, LLC. Merchandise may not be returned without first obtaining authorization from DEFT, LLC. You may request authorization by e-mail to the DEFT, LLC customer service department.

Price, Quantity, Payment Terms, And Acceptance Of Orders
1. The price and quantity of Merchandise purchased and sold will be stated on your purchase confirmation that will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you provided during the registration process. Freight costs, which are paid by you, may only be estimated. Actual freight costs may vary.

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Except as provided below, DEFT, LLC offers no Warranty beyond Manufacture defect .

This warranty does not cover or include and DEFT, LLC has no liability for:

1. problems caused by misuse or abuse of the Merchandise, or

2. merchandise that has been decorated, modified with embroidery,
or otherwise altered.

The Merchandise is not flame-resistant or acid-resistant. The Merchandise should not be worn if the person wearing the Merchandise
is exposed to fire, other flammable materials, acids or extreme heat. You are prohibited from warranting or representing that the Merchandise is flame-resistant or acid-resistant. DEFT, LLC also makes no representations or warranties as to the use of the Merchandise in cold or wet weather.

If the Merchandise fails to conform to the warranty and if you make a claim of breach of warranty within 30 days of receiving the Merchandise, then DEFT, LLC will, upon return of the Merchandise, at DEFT, LLC's sole discretion replace the product, or credit the purchase price, or if the Merchandise has not been returned, in DEFT, LLC discretion, DEFT, LLC may adjust the purchase price and refund or credit your account with the adjustment. You must promptly give written notice to DEFT, LLC of the warranty claim.


You may give notice by e-mail to the DEFT, LLC customer service department.


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